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The Working Group "EQUILIBRIUM MODELS in COMPLEX SYSTEMS" (EMICS for short) was organized in September, 2002 for the popularization of the new knowledge in Mathematical Modeling of complex systems. The web-site is designated for the informational support of this activity.

There were several reasons for organizing the Working Group and developing the Internet resource on the topic. One of them goes back to the fact that within the relatively short time the noticable progress both in theory and in techniques of solving various equilibrium problems has taken place. The other reason is the limitation of the apparatus for the applied research in this area which is based mainly on the rather old results.

The necessity of the acceleration of propaganda of new results is evident. The activity of the Working Group is aimed on the popularization of the results of research in equilibrium problems (including variational inequalities, complementarity problems, saddle point problems and game equilibria). The other objective of our research and learning activity is the application of these results to practice. The Internet resource has to be the "information core" that unifies all kinds of the activities of the Working Group.

EMICS web site users fall into three categories :
  • members of EMICS Working Group
  • users of e-library
  • unregistered users.
Members of EMICS Working Group
  • actively investigate problems in EMICS area and engage new participants to this activity
  • popularize EMICS web site, involve new members in the Working Group
  • periodically provide new data on their publications that are considered by them to be an important contribution to EMICS research area, as well as the data on new Internet resources and societies, close to EMICS research area
  • periodically submit full texts of their papers to EMICS e-library (proposal: at least 1 paper in 3 years)
  • may post any information on EMICS research area on the site, organize discussions on the topics suggested by them
  • may submit proposals on the organization of the EMICS Working Group and modification of the web site
  • may access any data contained in EMICS database, including the e-library
  • receive (optionally) EMICS bulletins.
Users of EMICS e-library
  • may submit proposals on the organization of the EMICS Working Group and modification of the web site
  • may access any data contained in EMICS database, including the e-library.
Unregistered EMICS web site users
  • may access any data contained in EMICS database, except the e-library.

Submission and moderation

In order to be enrolled to the Working Group one has not only to be interested in the theme but to conduct research in this area. Along with the customary information one has to provide the list of his/her selected articles (at least two items) on the relevant topics published in peer-reviewed journals as well as the full text of one or more articles in rtf or ps or format (or, alternately, in some other format, like pdf or doc. In this case the file should be attached to the e-mail message to our web-master). All data on the members of the Working Group (provided by them) will be also published at our web site. Information on monographs, tutorials, review papers as well as conferences and other net Resources on this topic will also be available here.

By submitting a paper, all authors of the paper agree that other users of EMICS can download the paper for personal use. Authors are responsible for removing a paper from the site once copyright for the paper has been transferred to a publisher. The coordinators of EMICS are not responsible for any copyright violations resulting from posting of papers on this site.

The decision about the enrollment of the entrant to the Working Group is being made after the data provided by him/her are carefully scrutinized. The entrants are informed about the Decision via the e-mail.

Russian and English versions do not represent the "mirrors" of each other, because their content is defined by the language of the published materials. We believe such "asymmetry" will not be an obstacle for using our web site as a source of information.

The Working Group and the web resource are in the making now, that is why you are welcome to contact the project coordinators for any questions or proposals.

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